Liberals Distribute More Attacks

The Liberal staffers attending the Ontario PC convention continued to hand out attack materials to the media as the day went on. This video highlights the “Frank Klees Leadership Kit” that included hair gel, teeth whitener and self-tanning materials intended to mock Mr. Klees’ appearance.

John Laforet writes more about this at

“I promised I would show the attack buttons the Liberal Caucus Services Bureau (a publicly funded, partisan arm of the Premier’s Office that is used entirely for partisan purposes). Unfortunately, after my first video, Liberal staffers steered clear and no buttons, press releases or other liberal attacks were dropped off.

I did get my hands on a couple of the ‘Frank Klees Leadership Kits’ I had seen Liberal Caucus Services Bureau and Minister’s Office staff handing out earlier in the day. That’s what you’ll see in the video below. It’s another bizarre attack and a total waste of taxpayer resources by Dalton McGuinty to advance his partisan interests. This has nothing to do with policy, or even Queen’s Park for that matter – it’s taxpayer money doing the bidding of the Ontario Liberal Party. It is also literally a ’skin deep’ attack on a man who had the courage to seek to lead his party.” Read more.

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